In addition to its core activity, HI Župa d.o.o. Krusevac offers all its business partners a service of warehousing goods in its own warehouses at the plant location in Krusevac.

The warehousing service involves a complete service of unloading and loading of goods, quantitative acceptance/discharge of goods as well as the complete keeping of warehouse records and issuing the necessary documentation.

The warehouses owned by HI Župa are provided with all measures of physical and technical security, including the cutting edge video surveillance.





  • Šandora Petefija bb, 37000 Kruševac
  • Milutina Milankovića, 25v, 11070 Belgrade

Contact Information

  • Kruševac +381 37 424 476
  • Belgrade +381 11 711 6045
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    • Identification number: 07194480
    • PIB: 100259243
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