ANI Cu-25

ani bakar

  • Ingredients: ANI Cu-25 is inorganic copper salt in the form of sulfate, water-soluble, obtained by a special technological process for purifying and removing admixtures from industrial salts. 
  • The content of basic copper metal is min. 24-25%.
  • The average particle size ranges from 120-150 microns. The maximum particle size is 500 microns.
  • Characteristics: ANI Cu-25 is in the form of powder, light blue in color, suitable for direct mixing with other feed components, moisture- and caking-controlled with the indifferent additive. It is soluble in water and given its resorption in the digestive tract, animals use copper from ANI preparations completely.

Together with iron, copper plays an irreplaceable role in hemoglobin synthesis in the body and is an integral part of some enzymes. It stimulates the processes of oxidation, especially of glutathione and ascorbic acid. It has a stimulating effect on growth and its bactericidal properties are also observed.
The lack of copper leads to a reduction in iron resorption and its mobilization from the tissue, resulting in anemia. Additionally, the lack of copper leads to poor bone growth, leg deformity, loss of appetite, diarrhea, depigmentation of feathers, hemorrhage, embryonic death, nervous disorders and non-coordination of movements, ataxia, and swallowing of foreign objects

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