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Our goal is to meet your needs for chemical products. The wide production program of Chemical Industry "Župa" enables you to purchase quality, products recognizable on the market. The main activities of the company include the following production activities:

  • Manufacture of copper sulfate pentahydrate and mineral feed supplements
  • Plant protection products: Fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides
  • Production of active substances for pesticides

HI Župa boasts with a large number of experts - specialists who are engaged not only in current production but also on business-technical connection, keeping up with modern technologies and cooperation with scientific institutions,  both in the country and abroad. The previous experience in such a development policy provides a guarantee of further successful development and realization of promising development plans.

We also dispose with facilities for production:

  • Zinc sulphate
  • Magnesium sulphate
  • Iron sulphate

On whose realization we are working intensively and our goal is production in cooperation with interested partners.

Permanent orientation is export to the world market and all new investment and technological plans are thus oriented. With modern technology, long tradition and experience, large production capacities and professional personnel, HI Župa guarantees you the high quality of your products and services.
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  • Šandora Petefija bb, 37000 Kruševac
  • Milutina Milankovića, 25v, 11070 Belgrade

Contact Information

  • Kruševac +381 37 424 476
  • Belgrade +381 11 711 6045
  • E-mail: office@hizupa.rs
  • www.hizupa.rs


    • Identification number: 07194480
    • PIB: 100259243
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